Za bralce, ki po prebranem Scooby Doo teoremu še vedno želijo dodatno argumentacijo ali pa enostavno za troo fane, LUD TFF 12 predstavlja sledečo librarnico: Scooby Doo.

* * *


Fred: »This place is locked up tighter than a drum.«
Shaggy: »Then like how do we get in?«

Fred: »Easy. Shaggy goes through that window up there.«

Shaggy: »Why me?«

Fred: »Because that’s a small window and you’re the thinest.« – What a Night for a Knight


What a Night for a Knight


What a Night for a Knight

* * *


Scooby: »Slurp, mmm, yumm, yumm, yumm, yumm, oh, boy! yumm, yumm, yumm, yumm, that’s good! Huh?«

Mrs. Cuttler: »You pardon me doin’ the wash dearie?« – A Clue for Scooby Doo


A Clue for Scooby Doo

* * *


Shaggy: »You buzzed?«

Velma: »No, Shaggy, go back to sleep.«

Shaggy: »Sleep nothing! I’m fixing me a Super Shaggy sandwich!« – A Hassle in the Castle


Shaggy: »I’m so scared. I wish I had a ham sandwich to calm my nerves. Well what do you know. A ham sandwich!« – A Hassle in the Castle

* * *


Mine Your Own Business

Daphne: »Maybe it’s directions to a buried treasure.«

Shaggy: »Yeah, like a fortune in buried chocolate cheeseburgers.« – Mine Your Own Business


Shaggy: »Hey, look what I found! Jars of chocolate syrup.«

*Scooby drooling*

Fred: »Chocolate syrup nothing. That’s samples of crude oil!« – Mine Your Own Business


Mine Your Own Business

* * *


A Decoy for a Dognapper


Scooby: »Food, food, food, food!«

Shaggy: »Food? Good boy, where is it? Lead me to it. What’s it smell like? Indian corn? Beef jerky? I’ll try anything. Man, those pueblo Indians really knew how to live! We have salami, ham, canned sardines, puding, not to mention … hey! Wait a minute! This isn’t indian food!«

Scooby: »Dog food! Scooby food!«

Shaggy: »Scooby food?«

Scooby: »Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!«

Shaggy: »It is dog food! Scooby, we found the dognappers hideout! But I … I don’t see any dognappers around so why not fortify ourselves with a groovy little snack?« – A Decoy for a Dognapper

* * *


Daphne: »There’s so many groovy things to do.«

Shaggy: »Yeah, like swiming and eating and tennis and eating and riding and eating and eating and … huh?« – What the Hex Is Going On


Shaggy: »Well what do you know, he didn’t even invite me!« – What the Hex Is Going On


Shaggy: »Like there’s times I’ll do anything for a Scooby snack.« – What the Hex Is Going On


What the Hex Is Going On

* * *


Fred: »That’s a clue!«
Velma: »Don’t eat that clue, Shaggy!«
Shaggy: »Huh, clue?«

Scooby: »Yeah, clue?«

Velma: »See those claw marks? The ape man was eating this sandwich.«

Daphne: »That’s odd. Apes don’t eat meat.«

Fred: »Maybe this ape man is more than an ape. It’s okay, Shaggy. You can eat it.«

Shaggy: »What? Me eat after an ape? I can’t do it.«

Scooby: »I will it it.«
*Scooby eats the sandwich*
– Never Ape an Ape Man


Shaggy: »Scooby snacks won’t work on me this time.«
Daphne: »Would you do it for a Shaggy snack? A little something I whipped up.«

Shaggy: »Huh? A Shaggy snack?«

Daphne: »Yes. It’s a pot pie with pizza crust, anchovies, peperone, cherries and all in a chocolate sauce.«

Shaggy: »Ho ho ho ho! I’ll do it, I’ll do it!« – Never Ape an Ape Man

Shaggy: »Look at all these groovy stuff. Man, we can play Halloween.«

*Shaggy puts on a wig*

Shaggy: »Check this Scooby. Give me liberty or give me pizza pie!« – Never Ape an Ape Man

* * *

Daphne: »Shaggy, you know Scooby doesn’t like clams.«

Shaggy: »I like them.They’re fun to dig and even more fun to eat.« – Foul Play in Funland

Daphne: »Shaggy, sometimes I thing you’d rather eat pizza pie than solve a mystery.«

Shaggy: »Let’s vote on it. Mystery or pizza pie?«
Scooby: »Pizza pie!«
– Foul Play in Funland


Shaggy: »What’s the matter Scooby? I like to eat too, you know.« – Foul Play in Funland


Foul Play in Funland

* * *


Shaggy: »Say, Scooby, kind of a spooky night, huh?«

Scooby: »Yeah, spooky!«

Shaggy: *Sniff, sniff* »You know, like this pizza is driving me wild! You want to eat it now? Like right this minute?«

Scooby: »Yeah, yeah!«

Shaggy: »Man, this is going to be delicious. After all, we only had two blockbuster pizzas at the pizza palace. That’s hardly even a snack!« – The Backstage Rage

Velma: »A brand new 20 dollar bill!«

Fred: »And I’ll bet you a doughnut it’s a phony.«
Velma: »It sure looks real.«

Shaggy: »Let’s change it into a blockbuster pizza!«

Scooby: »Yeah!« – The Backstage Rage


Shaggy: »There’s a guy in a black cape running around!«
Scooby: »Yeah, yeah!«
Fred: »He was in that promptor’s box! We ought to see what’s in there, right Scooby?«
Scooby: »uh-uh! Not me!«

Daphne: »Here’s a Scooby snack. No strings attached. Just catch!«

Scooby: »Dirty trick!« – The Backstage Rage

* * *


Velma: »Anybody got a Scooby snack?«

Fred: »I think this calls for a bigger reward. Don’t you, Daphne?«

Daphne: »I sure do! Here’s a super duper Hero sandwich!«

*Shaggy drools*

Fred: »Okay, Scooby?«

Scooby: »Yeah, yeah!«

Shaggy: »Hold it! Hold it! You forgot! I’m a track-man. I can really run. And fast!«

Scooby: »I’m faster!«

Fred: »Why don’t you both go and split the sandwich?«

Scooby: »Good idea!«

Shaggy: »Okay by me!« – Bedlam in the Big Top

* * *

Shaggy: »The coast is clear. Come on, Scooby! I think we gave old fuzzyface the slip. How about a snack? You check the refridge!«

Scooby: »Yeah, yeah! Slurp!« – A Gaggle of Galloping Ghosts


Scooby: »Pickaboo! Uh, it’s locked! Hello!«

Shaggy: »Oh, open the door. After all what could be in the pantry?«

Scooby: »Gulp! The big one!« – A Gaggle of Galloping Ghosts


Daphne: »There it is! The vampire bat!«

Shaggy: »Save my sandwich!«

Fred: »It’s only a stuffed bat on a wire you guys!«

Shaggy: »Huh? Scooby, I always knew you were a little batty!« – A Gaggle of Galloping Ghosts

* * *


Shaggy: »How much?«

Chef: »That’ll be a buck fifty.«

Shaggy: »Here you are. A dollar fifty for a job well done!«

Chef: »What kind of kooky fifty cent piece is this?« – Scooby Doo and a Mummy Too


Scooby Doo and a Mummy Too


Velma: »This test will tell us just how old that tape really is.«

Shaggy: »Well come on like hurry! This place makes me so nervous, all I can think of is food!«

Scooby: »Me too!« – Scooby Doo and a Mummy Too

Daphne: »Then that creep must have Scooby!«

Fred: »We better find him, before he ends up like the professor and doctor Najib.«

Velma and Shaggy: »Doctor Najib!?«

Daphne: »We found him, solid as a rock!«

Shaggy: »Poor Scooby!«

*they find a stone replica of Scooby*

Shaggy: »Scooby! Oh, wow, too late! He’s gone to that big boneyard in the sky! Buhuhu, oh my old pall! I’ll never see his hungry face again! Buhuhu!« – Scooby Doo and a Mummy Too

* * *


Scooby: »Hickup!«

Shaggy: »What’s with Scooby?«

Scooby: »Hickup!«

Velma: »Oh, no, Scooby ate some jumpin’ beans by mistake!« – Which Witch is Which


Shaggy: »Hey, Scoob, I think we fooled him!«

Scooby: »Yeah, hee hee hee hee, dumb zombie!«

Shaggy: »Yeah, dumb zombie! Hee hee hee!«

Zombie: »Ungh! Ungh!«

Scooby: »Hmm … yippe! Shaggy! Help!«

Shaggy: »Zoiks! He’s got Scooby!«

Zombie: »Muahahahaha!«

Scooby: »Help! Help!«

Shaggy: »Hang on, Scoob! Here’s a Scooby snack to the rescue!«

*Scooby catches s Scooby snack*

Scooby: »Scooby Doo! Let go!« 

Zombie: »Huh?« – Which Witch is Which

Which Witch is Which

* * *


Velma: »C. L. Magnus, owner of Shipping line, claims it’s the ghost of Redbeard the pirate seeking revenge.«

Shaggy: »Like I’m sure glad he’s not seeking my super duper sandwich!«

Scooby: »Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!«

Velma: »Lucky for him. He’d probably get indigestion!« – Go Away Ghost Ship


Shaggy: »Well, the sea water is boiling. I wonder what ghosts like in their stew, Scoob.«

Scooby: »Chains?«

Shaggy: »Chains! Hey, yeah, ghosts like chains and umm … oh, yeah, some ashes from the stove! You know this could be real good!«

Scooby: »Yeah, yeah!«

Shaggy: »Now, what else?«

Scooby: »Cob webs?«

Shaggy: »Cob webs! Mhm, delightful! Why didn’t I think of that? Wow, now, did we forget anything?«

Scooby: »Soap?«

Shaggy: »Soap? I’d hardly use it myself but why not! I sure hope old Redbeard likes ghost pirate stew!«

Scooby: »Yeah!« – Go Away Ghost Ship


Shaggy: »Zoiks! It’s the gay blade of the ghost set again! Yoiks! He’s trying to shishkebab us, Scoob!«

Scooby: »Look, look, look, look, look! Scooby snacks!«

Shaggy: »Scooby snacks! Boxes of ’em!«

*they eat the Scooby snacks*

Scooby: »Scooby Doo!«

Shaggy: »If I only had a sword! This nightstick should do it. En guarde! Wow, it’s liverwurst!«

Scooby: »Liverwurst? Slurp! Delicious!« – Go Away Ghost Ship


Shaggy: »Down the hatch!«

*they drink the beverage*

Both: »Pthu!«

Shaggy: »I should have known! Oil!« – Go Away Ghost Ship


Go Away Ghost Ship

* * *

Shaggy: »You sure nobody wants a sandwich?«

Scooby: »I do!«

Fred: »No thanks. Not one of your jaw-stretcher specials!«

Scooby: »Mmm … «

Shaggy: »Let’s see now. More bologni … «

Scooby: »Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!«

Shaggy: » … and some more meatloaf … «

Scooby: »Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!«

Shaggy: » … and a slug of double dutch chocolate syrup!«

Scooby: »Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!« – Spooky Space Kook


Shaggy: »But there’s no use of being scared on an empty stomach. Here, have a peanut.« – Spooky Space Kook


Shaggy: »Hey, Scooby, this isn’t a mess hall, it’s a kitchen! And a kitchen means food!« – Spooky Space Kook

* * *


*Scooby shivering*

Fred: »Relax, Scooby, we’ll spend the night with you! Now let’s hit the sack.«

Shaggy: »First, I’m going to hit the old watch sack with this Shaggy super sandwich!« – A Night of Fright Is No Delight

Fred: »Hey, let me see that. There’s some writing on the cover.«

Velma: »Feed the organ and watch the floor.«

Shaggy: »If anyone is going to get fed around here, it’s going to be me.«

Scooby: »Me too!« – A Night for a Fright Is No Delight


Shaggy: »Scooby! Wake up! Wake up! Come on, Scoob! Will you wake up for a Scooby snack? Here, Scoob, hurry!« – A Night for a Fright Is No Delight


Velma: »I guess haunted bones are one thing Scooby is not scared of.« – A Night of Fright Is No Delight

* * *


That’s Snow Ghost


Fred: »You all set, Scooby?«

Scooby: »Yeah, yeah, yeah!«

Fred: »Okay, when we lure the ghost past here, you take the lid off the bucket and dump the water on him!«

Velma: »Then he’ll freeze into a block of ice.«

Scooby: »Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!«

Shaggy: »And like just to make sure you don’t miss, here’s a couple of Scooby snacks.« – That’s Snow Ghost

* * *


Waiter: »How was the magic show at the high-school tonight, Fredie?«

Fred: »Terrific!«

Velma: »And so are these double fudge sundays!«

Shaggy: »With a pickle on top!« – Nowhere to Hyde


Shaggy: »If you don’t mind, I’ll stay right here and guard this little delicious bowl of fruit.«

Daphne: »Guard it?«

Shaggy: »Sure! What safer place than in my stomach?« – Nowhere to Hyde


Nowhere to Hyde

* * *

Velma: »Come on, you clowns, let’s get something to eat.«

Shaggy: »Food. My favorite hobby.«

Scooby: »Mine too!« – Mystery Mask Mix-up


Velma: »Maybe Scooby can sniff out her trail?«

*Scooby sniffing*

Shaggy: »It’s no use. All he can smell is fresh fish.« – Mystery Mask Mix-up


Shaggy: »You know all this excitement has made me hungry!«

Scooby: »Me too.«

Velma: »Well fellows, I just happen to have one Scooby snack with me. But you’ll have to jump for it.« – Mystery Mask Mix-up

* * *

Fred: »Well gang, we’re almost there.«

Velma. »Isn’t it a groovy idea holding a school dance and a hay ride on an old farm?«

Daphne: »I’ll say, I can hardly wait to get there.«

Shaggy: »And I can hardly wait to get my hands on the buffet table! Just think like real chocolate covered corn on the cob!« – Jeepers It’s the Creeper



Velma: »Yeah, that’s a good idea. Let’s go!«

Shaggy: »Scooby and I will head up the cleaning comitee.«

Scooby: »Gulp! We will?«

Shaggy: »Like clean up the food that is!« – Jeepers It’s the Creeper


Shaggy: »C c c. Like what a shame. The planks have all been rolled up for the night. Well, back to the old Malt shop!«

Fred: »Not so fast Shaggy, Scooby can climb across the ropes and unroll the planks for us. Can’t you, Scoob?«

Scooby: »Uh-uhn!«

Fred: »Not even for a Scooby snack?«

Scooby: »Hmm … yeah, yeah, yeah!«

Fred: »It’s a deal!« – Jeepers It’s the Creeper


Hermit: »Go on, take a taste, I insist!«

*Shaggy tastes the stew*

Hermit: »You like?«

Shaggy: »Yuck! What is it?«

Hermit: »He he he he he, it’s the speciality of the cave. Squirel stew with pickled bat wings and crab grass root! Here have some more.« – Jeepers It’s the Creeper

* * *


Fred: »Hey Shag, how you doing with the surf fishing?«

Shaggy: »Not even a nibble. Scooby, have you had any luck yet?«

Scooby: »You bet!«

Shaggy: »Hot dogs?« – Scooby’s Night With a Frozen Fright


Fred: »Boy, was that good!«

Daphne: »Mmm, you bet!«
Shaggy: »Isn’t there anything more to eat?«

Velma: »Just two slices of bread and an old ice cube.«

Shaggy: »I’ll take it!« – Scooby’s Night With a Frozen Fright

Velma: »Somebody better think of something fast.«

Shaggy: »Here’s a Scooby snack, Scoob! Think of something!« – Scooby’s Night With a Frozen Fright

* * *


Velma and Daphne: »Right!«
Shaggy: »The left.«

Scooby: »The left.«

Fred: »It seems we have ourselves a tie vote!«

Shaggy: »Let’s flip a slice of bologni to the side.«

Daphne: »What?«

Shaggy: »Heads, we go to the right and I eat it, tails, we go to the left and I eat it.«

Velma: »How can you have heads and tails on a slice of bologni?«

Shaggy: »Heads is the mustard side, tails is plain.« – The Haunted House Hang-Up


Velma: »Somebody did it to deliberately scare us.«

Daphne: »And they did a pretty good job too.«

Shaggy: »A Scooby snack will bring him around. Scooby!«

*the seemingly unconscious Scooby eats a Scooby snack*

Shaggy: »He’s going to be dificult I see.«

*Scooby eats another Scooby snack*

Scooby: »Ahh, hee hee hee hee hee!« – The Haunted House Hang-Up

Daphne: »Oh, thank goodness it’s you!«

Shaggy: »Thank goodness it’s you! With food! My stomach is emptier than a piggy bank on a day after christmas!« – The Haunted House Hang-Up

Stillwall: »How can I ever thank you young people?«

Shaggy. »Just point us to the nearest pizza parlour before Scoob and I colapse from starvation.«– The Haunted House Hang-Up

* * *


A Tiki Scare Is No Fair


Shaggy: »Oh, who wants to find an old haunted village?«

Scooby: »Not us!«

Fred: »Oh, yes you do.«

Shaggy: »Like no way! Besides those tracks stop at the jungle.«

Daphne: »We can follow them in the jungle thanks to Scooby’s keen tracking nose.«

Scooby: »Who, me? Oh, no!«

Fred: »Too bad. This Scooby snack smells delicious.«

Shaggy: »Scooby snack? E he he!«

*Shaggy starts barking* – A Tiki Scare Is No Fair


A Tiki Scare Is No Fair

* * *


*Scooby’s tent closes up, with his head inside*

Velma: »Come and get it, you guys!«

Shaggy: »Chow time, pal, see you later!«

Scooby: »Food?«

Shaggy: »There’s nothing I like better than food! Unless it’s more food!« – Who’s Afraid of a Big Bad Werewolf

* * *


Don’t Fool With a Phantom


Don’t Fool With a Phantom


Velma: »I don’t get it, the door is locked.«

Shaggy: »Yeah, and the Mystery machine is hear. Let’s split up.«

Velma: »No, our friends need us. We’ll have to boost Scooby through a window to let us in.«

Scooby: »Uh-uhn! Not me.«

Shaggy: »Like nothing could get him into that creepy place!«

Velma: »Not even a Scooby snack?«

Shaggy: »Well almost nothing. Let’s find a window, Scoob.«

Scooby: »Scooby Doo!« – Don’t Fool With a Phantom


Fred: »Look! The wax phantom display!«

Velma: »But no wax phantom.«

Daphne: »That’s cause he’s looking for us.«

Fred: »Well then let’s us look for him.«

Shaggy: »Like there’s something I rather look for, you all go on.«

*they split*

Shaggy: »Ah, food!« – Don’t Fool With a Phantom

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